Re: and it's subTypes

> "SiteNavigationElement (a subtype of WebPageElement) is widely adopted"

So are WPHeader, WPSideBar and WPFooter but is there also any insight into
how they are used?

I've often seen these elements marked up without any properties specified
for them, and those that do specify properties often do this in a very
inconsistent/creative manner, which is probably due to the fact there are
no examples showing how they should be used.

But before talking about adding examples I'd first like to know whether
there's any sense in specifying these Types, isn't this indeed mark up for
markup's sake, or are data consumer actually interested in knowing about a
page's WebPageElements?

"Odd to me, though, that BreadCrumbList is not a WebPageElement"

I'd have to do my best to look up what was said about that in one of the
many discussions about ItemList but it has to do with ItemList no longer
being a CreativeWork.

2015-05-19 20:08 GMT+02:00 Jason Douglas <>:

> SiteNavigationElement (a subtype of WebPageElement) is widely adopted.
> Odd to me, though, that BreadCrumbList is not a WebPageElement as it's a
> similar use case (just connected to WebPage via breadcrumb property).
> On Tue, May 19, 2015 at 5:33 AM Jarno van Driel <>
> wrote:
>> Now that mainEntity/mainEntityOfPage are out of the way I'd like to bring
>> up, it's subTypes and the 'mainContentOfPage'
>> property.
>> For a long time I've been wondering whether or not there's any sense in
>> marking these elements up as they describe the HTML elements on a page,
>> rather than the underlying real world entity that is described by other
>> markup. On top of that their pages provide no examples on how
>> to use them nor do they seem to have been worked out such that they are
>> easy to specify.
>> For example, if I markup an event widget as a,
>> how would I indicate the widget contains an - should I
>> use 'about', 'mentions' or 'mainEntity'? And what if a WebPageElement
>> contains multiple entities, should I then use 'about' or 'mentions' or do
>> we need a new property for this?
>> And what about the relation between WebPage and WebPageElement? 'about',
>> 'mentions', 'hasPart', 'contains' have all been proposed in the past but
>> neither of 'm got any large scale support by the participants of the
>> mailing list. Meaning that until thus far there doesn't seem to exist any
>> valid method for chaining WebPageElement to WebPage or chaining
>> WebPageElement to the entity/entities it contains.
>> Dan Brickley once even expressed he was wondering whether these Types
>> aren't a form of markup for markup's sake as opposed to providing any
>> serious value. A point of view which I've step by step have grown to agree
>> with and therefor I wonder, might it be an idea to deprecate WebPageElement
>> (and its subTypes)?

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