Re: Approaching "we think we're done" for sdo-gozer release aka v2.0: please review

Agree that we should wait a week after 2.0 before announcing the Bib extension.

It will provide separation with everything else in 2.0, and more focused description of extensions in general and Bib in particular.

I believe we will need a good, simple yet detailed explanation of the extension mechanism and the decision processes behind extensions.  Answering obvious questions such as ‘How come a term is in<>, yet its URI is<>' and ‘If a term is in an extension, will anyone take notice of it if I use it?’


On 7 May 2015, at 04:17, Thad Guidry <<>> wrote:

Agree that we have Bib extension follow sdo-gozer release

​Oh and ​Thanks so much Dan for always putting these summaries together for the community !​



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