Approaching "we think we're done" for sdo-gozer release aka v2.0: please review

Short version: please review the change list at and comment
here on in github with any pre-release concerns. CG,

We are getting close to having a final release candidate for the next release. In particular, the 20-30 issues reported here
are now almost entirely resolved and implemented.


The list of issues tagged 'sdo-gozer' release + vocab is now under control:

We have just three vocab-related issues left open for final tracking:

* #465 - we need to pick a structure to document deprecation (this is
schema but primarily for our own use, i.e. an elaboration of
supersededBy for the case where there is no successor term)

* #417 - a major renaming of some overly generic terms. I have merged
this but solicit careful review from all concerned. See and specifically for details of
the changes.

* #262 - Add vocabulary for describing vehicles / automobiles. We need
to conclude the "extensions versus core" discussion Guha has just
begun (on public-vocabs, where I guess most people are also
subscribed). Please see .

The test site at reflects all these recent
changes, as should the draft new releases.html page, (if you find
anything unclear or missing please file an issue).


Regarding Extensions and the Bib: extension specifically, I think we
can figure out also over this coming week whether to package its
release with the upcoming general release, or wait a week
and give it its own announcement and release schedule. It is important
as the first extension not to be rushed, and there are some issues
e.g. terms being added to the Core that deserve attention. Please see - I lean towards
making a general release and having bib: follow along swiftly


There are some practical codebase issues still being addressed that
affect the navigation of the test site
(especially around extensions) but the basics should be accessible
there. I'll push software improvements to that site, but will try to
keep it stable. The site build at on the other hand
should be considered volatile, as I'm using it for testing.

We have accumulated some ugliness in the site's python codebase which
I've been cleaning. Most of this you probably don't want to know
about, but the main points are a move towards the use of Django-style
templates for generating HTML, and cleaning up internal APIs such that
generating alternate and richer views of the schemas is much easier.
There are two immediate drivers for this: we need to cross-reference
core and extended terms, as well as provide a "snapshot" all-in-one
page view of each release. Attempting either of those
without some preliminary cleanup would have made for an unsustainably
complex codebase.

I believe the rest of the python software work can be wrapped up over
the next week. While that is underway, please take a look over
everything in /docs/release.html above.

"We think we're done"?

I hereby claim that is feature
complete w.r.t. vocabulary changes for the next release,
excepting the points raised above. If anyone thinks more work or
discussion is needed, please speak up now! Any remaining pre-release
practicalities should all be software and navigation improvements or
matters of tidying, site polish etc.

I'd like to confirm this verdict over the next week, so do please take
a careful look. Thanks!


Received on Wednesday, 6 May 2015 21:39:37 UTC