Re: schema-course-extend: Identifying the instructor of a course.

instructor as described seems like a good approach - courses and their
instructors are sufficiently different from other things to warrant the
creation of a specific relationship to Person.

As to your question about identifying the offering institution.  Both Course
and CourseInstance inherit the offers property which would be used to
identify individual Offer(s).  Offer has the offeredBy property to
reference the offering organisation/institution.

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On 20 May 2016 at 11:14, Phil Barker <> wrote:

> Hello all,
> We have a requirement that it must be possible to identify the teacher(s)
> of the course, which arises from the use case of finding a course according
> to the teacher who is delivering it.
> There are a number of existing properties that could overlap
> with this, e.g.  performer <>
> <> and contributor
> <> <> which
> CourseInstance inherits from Event. I don't think these are close enough to
> use: teaching a course is not a "performance".
> The existing proposal from Vicki and Wes has a new property Instructor,
> which seems right.
> <>
> <>
> The instructor may or may not be the same as the author
> <> <> or creator
> <> <> of the Course as
> a CreativeWork.  Given that creating a course involves going beyond the
> most common definition of author " a writer of a book, article, or
> document."[1] I propose we give examples of creator rather than author.
> See
> for examples etc.
> Any comments?
> By the way, there is a related use case "where the searcher is concerned
> about the provenance of a course, e.g. the institution which is offering
> it" with a requirement it must be possible to identify the "organisation/s
> which is/are offering/have developed/have endorsed the course".  That's
> more complex. Let's try to pin down instructor before we tackle that one.
> Phil
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