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I do suspect that there are people that would very much like to build,
maintain, wealth and power and have everyone else be like pawns in the
game. But what can one do....just innovate silently...and I guess don't
think there is something under every rock...I try to do that. I cannot say
I do my best.

-Brent Shambaugh

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> I think I'm rambling, but I'm adding to this thread:
> I don't know. Sometimes I suspect that due to professionalization* that
> the same group gets all of the spoils regardless of where the innovation
> actually originated.
> I'm all for an egalitarian culture where you don't have to be employed by
> X, or certified by Y to get recognition for a good idea. One can get into
> one's head after many months and years working for free (especially if it
> is something that is niche not yet recognized by broader society). How much
> is true, I don't know. One can really get into one's head.
> I developed EISPP** as a concept many years ago. Although I got some
> enthusiasm online, and even early on locally, it was not sustained and I
> got into my head and grew afraid and worn out financing $1000 trips so I
> could travel to get more support, and working on a passion project for
> free. Hindsight 20/20, I should have. I should have bought a ton of crypto
> currency too so my focus wasn't split between worrying about my financial
> future and thus worrying about many people's interests and building
> something out. Maybe too I could hire people who have similar interests but
> are also worried about their financial future so feel pressured to choose
> something else.
> Fortunately, I'm liking the ceramic network.
> * (then again I could have easily bought ethereum and bitcoin and XRP when
> they were newer....not my idea...but definitely crossing the desk).
> **
> -Brent Shambaugh
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> On Fri, Aug 13, 2021 at 2:26 PM Adeel <> wrote:
>> Hello,
>> So, from measuring the productive output for review across the value
>> chain how would it equate to:
>> 1) contributor1 published some creative work as a commit (would the
>> commit in itself create the value or the push to master?)
>> 2) contributor2 publishes a bug to solve contributor1 creativework then
>> commits (how would that get tracked through the value chain?)
>> 3) lead comes along and does a scheduled merge this causes a summary of
>> certs to be produced across the value chain (who gets the credit, because
>> in the merge commit it overrides every other contributor on the chain that
>> has previously had made a commit?
>> 4) how do you validate the distributed contributions from overriding
>> merge commits?
>> 5) when the full website product is produced for distribution will there
>> be 4 contributors tracked or 1 with the summary cert?
>> 6) how would you track work output from an unquantifiable work output
>> like training/mentoring contributors on the value chain, something that is
>> abstract like code review, proofreading someone's work vs something that is
>> quantifiable like writing code, documentation or writing an article?
>> Thanks,
>> Adeel
>> On Fri, 13 Aug 2021 at 20:05, Timothy Holborn <>
>> wrote:
>>> Couple things,
>>> History informs choice, or perverts it....depending on what character
>>> traits societies want to promote or punish, choices are made.
>>> quick bit of history (still a little irritated).
>>> [image: ValueChain.jpg]
>>> image source
>>> (NB found: )
>>> is good too...
>>> always good to check dates; hopefully, it'll become easier, in future...
>>> Manu went about engaging in a contract pursuing educational
>>> credentials.  It then appeared that he needed SBIR funding. We spoke about
>>> it, but he complained that he needed resources to even go after the
>>> grants.  I kinda understood this due to a former business partner (2000-2)
>>> who did similar things (gov grants, biz plans, etc) locally (
>>> ); but didn't know how it went in the US, so I
>>> asked someone I thought would know.
>>> (per below).
>>> Whilst Manu later got SBIR funding, and I wonder if these actions led to
>>> "Respect Network" becoming more involved with credentials; it's still
>>> presently not as clear as could be useful for future purposes.
>>> The history of how that came about would be great to chart out...
>>> In anycase, See below...
>>> IMO: it is important to fill in the gaps.
>>> I know what I did in past to support the growth of knowledge banking
>>> systems, #RealityCheckTech - cyber support for #RuleOfLaw.  And I know I
>>> have an archive that goes back some 20+ years on my work, with so much done
>>> over the last decade...  i know and am mindful of the sorts of considera
>>> tions that went into "verifiable claims" (rather than, 'identity
>>> credentials').
>>> I don't think Victor knows it's now being used to power vaccine
>>> passports globally...
>>> But I also don't really want to follow-up with him about it, for
>>> various complicated reasons that go back to old issues, more than a decade
>>> overall; key to why the 'access to justice' use cases, the use cases where
>>> I wanted to record an environment via any media, then transcoded / phonetic
>>> analysis, all the stuff I first knew about from NMXS back in 2001
>>> (transcoding digibetas & making them searchable, for cable tv distribution
>>> in the US) + so much more; to ensure, human rights of kids were easily able
>>> to be protected in a court of law.
>>> Just show the judge what happened... have the means to present the
>>> digital evidence when it matters most.  Rather than letting immoral people
>>> assault kids, in darkness, with no evidence, for profits, for income;
>>> Income that is all too often, government paid (only caring about the next
>>> promotion, kinda people) - so i thought, build capability for low-cost
>>> truth telling in courts of law. fix problems, rather than engage in
>>> 'fairy-tale narrative' warfare, like a bunch of creatives on the astroturf
>>> late at night at the standard hotel in LA...
>>> Yet, knowing that wasn't something people here would have invested their
>>> time in solving; it was convenient that it fit into an ecosystem, what I
>>> called the knowledge banking ecosystem, and if it worked; it would solve
>>> that problem I cared most about in this generation of adults, not the next.
>>> So much progress since, but verifiable claims as 'vaccine passport', has
>>> very little to do with the protection of the human rights of kids.  Indeed
>>> even providing verifiable claims in the sex worker industry (ie; mental
>>> health check, ensuring they're able to voluntarily make choices about their
>>> own lives & "of sound mind", etc.) to protect against human trafficking,
>>> na...  Can't do that yet either...  Not as profitable as helping out
>>> pharma, like we're all experts in pathology...
>>> "He thought he could build a secure system for people to access their
>>> personal computer functions, plus their favourite TV programs, movies, any
>>> kind of media, over the internet.  "It was a* Bill Gates
>>> take-over-the-world platform*," he says. It sounds like a young man's
>>> grandiosity, but some of Australia's leading IT figures looked at his idea
>>> and liked it."
>>> Source June 19, 2004 -
>>> In anycase: I think if the claim is that only coders are useful or that
>>> other similar statements made are going to be considered; then, I can keep
>>> providing more insights overtime about good faith work done in past and
>>> perhaps we can better clarify what happened, prior to those court hearings
>>> globally re: vaccine passports and related globalist affairs linked to mass
>>> toilet paper shortages and other amazing illustrations of ideologically
>>> compliant moral flexibility by some of our colleagues.
>>> There's alot of none coders who want to know what happened, and some of
>>> those noncoders have stockpiles of toilet paper to protect their health, as
>>> a consequence of the work done by so few here...
>>> (Population went up last year?)
>>> As noted, fairly irritated.
>>> I hope the underlying problems can be appropriately addressed as to
>>> optimise real-world productivity (/quality of life) throughout the western
>>> world (& elsewhere generally also), asap.
>>> As a consequence of this line of enquiry (per below) back in 2015, I
>>> then ended up doing a bunch of work on community tv, which is on the list
>>> around that time; a man called Tony Scott helped me with some financial /
>>> proposal works, extending from the aforementioned work with "Alex" amongst
>>> others...
>>> Tony later died tragically.  RIP Tony Scott.
>>> Alot of big changes happened in AU law relating to modern slavery,
>>> domestic violence, anti-money laundering & related improvements around
>>> protections against financial crimes, etc.
>>> Obviously, part of what verifiable claims is suppose to help with; is
>>> KYC/AML. (Anti money laundering).
>>> I guess they're planning on upgrading the use cases for vaccine
>>> passports once implemented; I'd guess, they'll be plugged into prominent
>>> silicon valley global platforms, where they'll be managing the AI to help
>>> eradicate Content about particular subjects, whilst selling as much toilet
>>> paper as the climate change politics will allow.
>>> (Zombies).
>>> As noted; my work, is on #realitychecktech
>>> I found the cognitive AI CG, I think it makes more sense to look at how
>>> that layer is intended to work; then backfill.
>>> history below...
>>> Timothy Holborn.
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