Re: What is the Semantic Web?

Just a quick note to point out, the reason for me seeking something simple
is due to:

Maybe they're cheap, or maybe its more honourable to make a post.

As far as i'm aware, the IP is not part of the W3C Patent Pool.


Timothy Holborn.

On Thu, 12 Aug 2021 at 03:55, Melvin Carvalho <>

> On Fri, 6 Aug 2021 at 09:49, Timothy Holborn <>
> wrote:
>> It still seems important to figure out how to describe to 'unlearned'
>> people, 'what is semantic web'.
>> I guess; essentially, what's kinda required is seemingly something that
>> addresses the following;
>> 1. history of it
>> 2. purpose of it
>> 3. support for it / how its presently used (market penetration /
>> abundance, etc.).
>> 4. implications of it
>> 5. evolution of it (ie: non-http URIs?, etc.).
>> perhaps ideally also
>> - differences from RDBMS
>> - Relationship to 'AI'
>> - 'unmet challenges' as told by 'tech inventors' (meaning - an
>> opportunity to seek-out some shared values statements about the purpose of
>> our works, for humanity, for our biosphere, for the betterment of good).
>> any links?  or is anyone interested in collaborating on producing
>> something that's useful for others?
>> (NB: i note the former emails, but haven't had time to respond yet).
>> more broadly; my thinking is, that communicating these sorts of things
>> (leading to conversations about 'ontologies', etc.) may be part of the more
>> important steps involved in progressing works, towards a future (world/web)
>> we want.
>> Moreover also; that parts of what is thought of as RWW (by those involved
>> from so many years ago) may also be woven into the consideration /
>> deliberations, provided by the 'what' as to better explain the 'why'.
>> Historically; W3C has played a vital role (and will continue to do so)
>> with respect to patent pool creation and governance as to support future
>> ambitiously targeted outcomes - such as retaining 'freedom of thought' as
>> may otherwise be influenced by WWW related technologies including 'AI'.
>> Yet, i'm not sure there's much that now needs patent pool creation /
>> approval / consolidation / consensus.  Overall, it seems that there's a
>> strategic, tactical and pragmatic process of improving documentation that's
>> kinda distinct to seeking royalty free use of intellectual property that's
>> critically important for the protection of human rights / freedom of
>> thought / rule of law / liberalised democracies, etc.
>> If i'm mistaken, let me know; but IMO, tech in and of itself is
>> ideologically agnostic. Therein, (imo) the widespread deployment of tech;
>> provides a fairly comprehensive basis to consider how 'SemWeb tech' could
>> be used; without necessarily illustrating (or documenting) other (better?)
>> ways it could be used.
> Good questions.
> If you'd like to document any of this stuff further, our wiki could always
> do with some love, and it's open to anyone
> The read write web as we define it is just using standards to read and
> write to the web
> Of course there's writing documents vs writing data, and both are
> valuable.  The web itself isnt tied to any one URI scheme like http, it
> could include the file: space too, so anything there is in scope (it's
> pretty broad).  But at the same time, zooming in, writing about specific
> deployment patterns will help people create things
>> Timothy Holborn

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