quantum payments demo

I've put together a little demo on the system im working on, called
"quantum payments".  It's a layer that sits on top of generic ledger and
payment technology (webcredits) and provides additional functions.

You can try it here (webid required)


- Secure decentralized login
- Balance
- Deposit via testnet
- Off block transactions
- Withdrawal requests
- HTTP 402 for content
- A media server that can accept new content
- Linked data compatibility
- Hierarchical Deterministic wallets used to securely generate addresses

A quick, more technical, explanation: A master key is generated via a
trezor. The public key is public on the server. That is used to generate
one address per webid. When money comes in, it is checked against the
testnet block explorer, and when it is in the block, you can move it to
your off block balance. Your balance can be used to do things like view
content. I also built a faucet for people with no testnet coins. Payments
can then all happen off block until you want to withdraw. Withdrawals are
done via cold storage and the trezor, right now a withdrawal request is
simply routed to the owner of the public key. But this will evolve over

Received on Friday, 3 June 2016 17:48:52 UTC