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Read Write Web — Q2 Summary — 2016 [via Read Write Web Community Group]

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Decentralization is becoming more and more of a theme on the web, and this
quarter witnessed the Decentralized Web Summit, in San Francisco.  Keynotes
from Tim Berners-Lee and Vint Cerf are definitely worth checking out.

Some interesting work is coming up in as a verified claims working group has
been proposed.  The editors draft is available for review.

In the Community Group, there has been a some discussion, but main focus is on
apps, and also a specification for linked data notifications has been started.

Communications and Outreach
Aside from the Decentralized Web Summit, some folks attended the ID2020 summit
which aims to help provide legal identifiers to everyone by 2030.  There was
much interest there on the idea of decentralized identifiers.

There was also a session at WWW 2016 entitled Building Decentralized
Applications on the Social Web.

Community Group
A new spec has been created called "Linked Data Notifications".  The system
combines the concept of an inbox with the idea sending notifications to users. 
Please feel free to take a look at this work, provide feedback or raise
issues.  Some light discussion on the mailing list and a few apps and demos
have been released.  More below!

Lots of application work going on in the solid and linkeddata github
repositories.  Solid.js has been renamed to solid client, and provides lots of
useful features for dealing with solid servers.

The Solid connections UI is an app to help manage your social graph.  Work has
begun on an improved solid profile manager. A new signup widget is also being
worked on.

The tabulator project has been modularized and split up into various components
and apps (aka panes) so that anyone can build and skin a "data browser" capable
of working together with web 3.0.  Lots more interesting work in the individual

I have done some work on the economic side release version 0.1 of webcredits,
which provides a linked data based ledger for apps.  A demo of the
functionality built on top can be seen at : testcoin.org.  Im also happy to
report that I have got solid node server running on my phone and it performs
really well!

Last but not Least...

Nicola Greco has collected a cool set of papers described as a "reading list" :
of articles or papers relevant to the work of Solid.  It is possible to drop
your own paper in by adding a new issue.  Happy reading!



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