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No discussion of patents, was Re: Social AUTH Patent

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since youve stuck your fingers in your ears Sandro, i've read it for you

also the Hillis patent on anti-items.

imagine a stream of triples, with a sign (+-) to denote insert or delete

- <s1> <p1> <o1>
+ <s2> <p2> <o2>

after stripping the prefix, rest of line can be ordinary ntriples

the Hillis patent described: https://patents.google.com/patent/US8131781B2/en

a very similar thing is described in Jefferson's 1985 Virtual Time paper

http://blog.acolyer.org/2015/08/20/virtual-time/ has a summary if youve no PDF reader

"For every message there exists an antimessage that is exactly like it in format and content except in one field, its sign. Two messages that are identical except for opposite signs are called antimessages of one another"

an "item" becomes a "message" when sending it to something, in this case Danny's distributed-datastore. given the footnote suggests the patent covers the particular embodiment defined therein which includes the datastore, the anti-item as described is also an anti-message as laid out in the prior art where the database was a set of synchronized logfiles

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