Hi Andrei,

I’ve started testing / using with cimba[1], for creating weblogs essentially…  

I was wondering whether you’ve got any suggestions around creating data spaces for projects, rather than persons.  So; say - i want to create a weblog / microblog listing rww apps (webized apps?).  

Channel structure is currently;

Identity: > Channel. 

Say the identity isn’t a legal entity but rather a project - so, the WebID relates to a DOAP[2] profile? 

Have you got any thoughts about how something like - could be created, that then associates to different WebID’s (i.e. deiu, melvin, etc.) , for the purpose of allowing ‘wiki’ like functionality?   Meaning - a bunch of contributors could add / append content - perhaps an administrator could remove content?  Have you got any example TTL that would do it?

Perhaps therein; If an App is required to do it, perhaps some mechanism around sending ‘approve/deny’ messages to listed ‘stakeholders’ - beyond the scope of the original question…  I’m just not sure if their is a practical way / is being used in this way already…. 




Received on Sunday, 13 July 2014 05:27:41 UTC