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Hi Michael,

Thankyou.  Yes - i will.  It seems a great array of fragmented initiatives exist, yet nothing seems to get to the point where a user has something similar to available…  

In part - i do not think it is a specification or functionality problem.  Perhaps linguistics (in relation to the ontological factors) are implicated in a work that would solve the perceived problem, yet equally - perhaps its an implementation problem - meaning, the RDF is largely available and its more about how to implement it in a useful way, rather than reinventing quite useful wheels already in existence.

I’ve recently come-across - which showcases the ‘BLT sandwich’ - therein, 

Given the jurisdiction issues; graphics and broader engagement principles brought about by the ‘creative commons’ strategy - i do ponder the best approach to obtain collaborative engagement, in a decentralised manner…  

Linked-data changes more than simply the DB. :) (IMHO).

I’ll follow-up and see where those two pointers lead.  Mind, i’m finding the reception of the concept to be well regarded so far…  I’m hoping it can be refined well enough to result in delivering something that obtains critical mass...



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> Hello Tim,
> On Wed, Jul 09, 2014 at 08:23:43PM +1000, Tim Holborn wrote:
>> I?m thinking perhaps a means might be to consider how to create a W3 Community Group surrounding the development of a solution in this area, however am not sure about the scope such an initiative should take-on (i.e. it could include other privacy / personal data policy related technologies) and am overall wondering what views exist out in the community around this perceived problem, and how best to attend to it.
> Maybe you should ask members of the former W3C P3P working group about their 
> experiences? Also: The Policy Languages Interest Group - PLING still seems to
> exist but has not had activity since 2011.
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