Re: LDApp Linked Data Stack + RDF-Ext + ... (RDF-Ext in detail)

Am 03.07.2014 05:28, schrieb Austin William Wright:
> I've been running into this problem too. Even though I sort of consider
> RDF Interfaces a low-level API, if you want asynchronous functions or
> anything going over the network, you likely also want functions for
> dealing with linked lists (e.g. RDF Collections and other capped
> containers).

Collections could be built on top of the RDF-Interfaces API. We should
collect the ideas on the wiki [1].

> Like SPARQL, for instance. Though SPARQL is a bit too high level for
> many things...
> I know I brought up, in an earlier message, to public-rdfjs, a proposal
> for an IndexedDB-style queries of graph databases:
> <>

I like your idea of prepared statements for SPARQL. But first we have to
establish an API one level below on the store side, before we can create

> Another alternative could look something like a transaction:
> var tx = createGraphTransaction('', 'readwrite');
> tx.add(new Triple(...));
> tx.remove(new Triple('...'));
> // Option one, an explicit commit:
> var promise = tx.commit();
> // Or an implicit commit, IndexedDB-style:
> tx.oncommit = function(){
>     // Data has been persisted, and `tx` is no longer writable
>     // i.e. calls to add() and remove(), etc, will throw an Error
> };

I added RDF Transactions to the wiki. This is also a topic on the RWW
scope [2].

> RDF Interfaces does specify a standard API for parsing data into a
> graph, however it doesn't support the very recent streaming APIs, as far
> as I can tell, you have to send it the entire document at once.

The parser interface would support this. But this should be part of the
store interface. I also added RDF Streaming to the wiki.

> Though I'm not so sure we need to cram everything into a single API.
> Don't forget about "RDF API" and "RDFa API":
> I'd really like to get around to taking up work on these, again. The
> Semantic Web is a complex tangle and needs good tools,
> disproportionately more so than other technologies.
> I meant to post about another idea I had, putting a JSON-LD "context" in
> the prototype of an ECMAScript constructor, so you can turn regular
> instances into JSON-LD objects and parse them into a small graph - and
> possibly also reverse this process, perhaps isomorphically (to the
> extent that Open World Assumption is isomorphic). Then use standard
> active record pattern to persist the data in the store of your choice.

Maybe RDF-JSONify [3] is what you are looking for.



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