Social Web and LDP


   I gave a presentation on Tuesday this week at the London
conference "Scala eXchange" entitled

"Building a Secure Distributed Social Web using Scala & Scala-JS"

which is (amazingly) already online here:

( you need to get an account and log in to see it ).

It covers pretty much why LDP is important for the Social Web, how
that can tie in with Web Access Control, Authentication, and as this
is a Scala conference some really cool things one can do with Scala,
Scala-JS that is going to allow us to tie together the Java* worlds.

This should be really useful as a background for the presentation
I'll make on Tuesday for the teleconf on how LDP could be useful to 
the APIs work for the Social Web.


Social Web Architect

Received on Saturday, 13 December 2014 18:13:36 UTC