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Fwd: Access Control Charter

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Date: Sun, 27 Apr 2014 15:50:35 +0000
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some people like to write text on mailinglists, others code..


am curious what constitutes the "essence" of WAC and what is implementation-specific.

"going recursive" up parent paths.. we well know URIs in RDF are opaque yet URIs have a hierarchical-part and those might be mapped to POSIX paths - where ldphp may have exited on an explicit allow, POSIX might have denied a similar situation due to a mode 700 several parents up. 

there's the nod to "root" with the "domain owner"..

LDP Containers and container-level permissions could be an optimization to avoid running 50*3 SPARQL queries, providing all 50 resources are within a container.. chances are any container-hierarchical-permission-inheritance stuff is defined in WAC at a LDP level and not POSIX dir level anyways..

any other implementations to look at? Stample's Scala is going to take a bit for me to get me head around its wizard-levels of abstraction
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