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On 28.11.12 10:34, Nathan wrote:

Hi guys,

> Regardless though, as far as I'm aware rdflib.js hasn't updated to 
> work on node properly yet, and node.js specific rdf/xml support 
> hasn't been added. This is most likely a problem with all RDF 
> tooling for node.js, although as I say libs may have been updated 
> and it may now be supported by somebody.
> Tim, Adrian, Antonio, or Niklas (all cc'd) may be able to confirm 
> this.

I never used rdflib.js so not sure what it provides right now. My
choice was/is rdfstore-js from Antonio, which works perfect in Node
and is aimed at Node as well for a big part (it does work very well in
the browser too). It also implements a simple triple store in
JavaScript with SPARQL support which is really great (for simple stuff
at least).

Antonio implemented the RDF Interfaces spec from Nathan which is IMHO
pretty good for low-level stuff. There is no parsing in the RDF
Interfaces API so Antonio implemented that in his RDF Store:

RDF Store/RDF Interfaces from Antonio:

Docs for the RDF Store:

RDF Interfaces API:

You can use RDF Interfaces by Antonio standalone as well, not sure how
this works with parsing though (probably you have to care about it

Officially there is no RDF/XML Parsing in RDF Store yet but someone
forked it and added it, Antonio told me he might add it at least as
option to the next release. What I do as well on node is use a wrapper
to "rapper" from Dave Becket, as it parses pretty much everything you
need :)

> FWIW, a few of us are going to be looking at updating some of the 
> rdf libraries for js in the very near future, so we can keep you 
> posted.

ack, we have to do that. I highly recommend to use code from Antonio
as a base as it is the most used right now in various JS projects and
it works perfectly well on Node. And as I told Nathan I'm very
interested in working in this group, we *should* try to provide some
recommendations for an API on more than one language and I think RDF
Interfaces is not a bad start for that. It does lack easier access to
triples but there are some good ideas in RDF API for that.

> In the meantime, certainly Turtle is well supported in node.js RDF
>  tooling, so you can get going and add rdf/xml support as and when 
> it's available.



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