Re: [foaf-protocols] Privacy concern: different FOAF file depending on what website is asking

Am 09.12.2011 15:02, schrieb Henry Story:
> On 9 Dec 2011, at 14:44, Baptiste Lafontaine wrote:
>> I though of a quite different approach : we could define a new
>> ontology (more or less like the ACL one), but defining which website
>> (or something more general) has access to which property of the FOAF
>> Agent.
> What you are doing here is trying to come up with a way of filtering
> graphs. Bergi has started work on this so you may want to speak to him
> on the read-write community group about that. He was thinking of adding
> relations to the ACL ontology for that. There are many ways one can do
> that. The issue is not how do you come up with a way of doing it, but
> whether you need other people to agree with you if you want your service
> to work.  Ie: do other services need to know how you filter your
> triples? Well I am not sure that is essential for interoperability at
> the moment. You'd have to come up with a scenario where it was.

Like Henry already mentioned, I've created the TripleAccessControl [1]
ontology for filtering graphs. We had a discussion on the RWW mailing
list [2] about the ontology which may be interesting for you. You may
also have a look at the AccessControl RWW wiki page [3], which contains
links to other access control ontologies.

My project ResourceMe already uses the TripleAccssControl ontology. The
source code is available via SVN. The link is on the project page [4].


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