Re: Question about scope of Collaboration Tool Accessibility document

Hi Jennie, All:

The scope of the Collaboration Tools Accessibility User Requirements
document is defined descriptively. In other words we discuss certain
characteristics that distinguish content creation from communications
technologies. Thus, Google/Microsoft docs, sheets, etc are in scope, as
is github; because all of these focus on the creation of content in real
time and/or asyncronously. The document section to look at for this is

Communication tools such as IRC, Slac, Zoom,
etc are covered in the already published RTC AUR and the Accessible
Meetings Note documents.

Hope this helps!

Please note we're currently in an APA CfC to publish the current draft
as FPWD, because RQTF will take a break during November and December.
Work will resume on this document in January, and COGA comments will be
most welcome. That would any comments on scope, just as on any other
aspect of the draft.



Delisi, Jennie (MNIT) writes:
> Hi Janina,
> I’m a bit behind in a task for COGA. Hoping you are able to respond in the next day or so. Please copy the task force on this response (copied here as well).
> We are working on feedback on the Collaboration Tool Accessibility document. We have a question about scope for this document.
> Can you provide more information about which tools could be examples that are covered in the document?
> Also, can you provide more information about the types of tools that are out of scope?
> Thank you,
> Jennie
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