Re: [EXTERNAL] Possible addition to SAUR on minimal frame rates

Thanks, Jason. It is clear that video frame rates impact accessibility. For instance, as the frame rate diminishes, the effectiveness of lip-reading drops, and eventually becomes practically impossible at low frame rates. There are studies we could point to on that end. But, as you alluded, the question is how do we draw the intersect to synchronization, since that is the focus of the SAUR. So perhaps we should simply not use the text I wrote, and instead a passing reference to the impact of frame rates along with a pointer to the RTC Accessibility User Requirements at Section 6.1 Then, in the SAUR, we would only address the issues directly connected to synchronization, such as in the case of caption synchronization. In that use case, we could add something like this: "When bandwidth issues and other technical limitations cause frame rates to drop below the recommended level, it is advised that the video streaming and remote meeting platform providers should match the caption timing as referenced by the audio rather than the video to reduce temporal display errors." I don't know if there are other recommendations, we can add beyond that which are directly connected to synchronization.


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Should anything be said about the relationship between video frame rate and synchronization? Otherwise, it isnít clear that there is a connection, or indeed what the connection is. A few sentences that make the link would be helpful, it seems to me.

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Subject: RE: [EXTERNAL] Possible addition to SAUR on minimal frame rates


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