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[Maturity] Minutes for July 6

From: Sheri Byrne Haber <sbyrnehaber@vmware.com>
Date: Wed, 6 Jul 2022 15:39:31 +0000
To: RQTF <public-rqtf@w3.org>
Message-ID: <BYAPR05MB460005E58A73CEC51F31DCBEC2809@BYAPR05MB4600.namprd05.prod.outlook.com>
Because Zakim was down, the minutes were not generatable from IRC, we agreed to copy and paste IRC notes in an email.

This is due to the migration of the IRC server, hopefully will be fixed before our next meeting



[08:03] == sheri_bh [~sheri_bh@af629938.public.cloak] has joined #maturity
[08:03] <sheri_bh> present+
[08:04] <sheri_bh> zakim start meeting
[08:04] <maryjom> zakim, start meeting
[08:05] == JakeAbma [~JakeAbma@af629938.public.cloak] has joined #maturity
[08:05] <JakeAbma> present+
[08:05] <sheri_bh> Roy will give us a guest lecture next week on github
[08:06] <sheri_bh> Raph, David - regrets
[08:06] <sheri_bh> Jake will be out starting next week for a month
[08:06] <sheri_bh> zakim is toast
[08:07] <sheri_bh> Janina: close to a FPWD
[08:07] <sheri_bh> Janina: Need to do hard review before CfC
[08:08] <sheri_bh> Sheri: Mike Gifford was pleased with the current contents
[08:08] <sheri_bh> Janina: Goal is to publish before TPAC
[08:09] <sheri_bh> Sheri: Reverse engineer dates - when do we need to have CfC completed by to publish for TPAC
[08:09] <sheri_bh> Janina: mid-August, open for a week
[08:10] <sheri_bh> Hard review would have to start by 7/18
[08:10] <sheri_bh> Janina: Check to see whether RQTF wants a presentation before their review
[08:13] <sheri_bh> Janina: how will small organizations use this
[08:13] <maryjom> present+
[08:14] <sheri_bh> Janina: maybe add case study on how small orgs could use this
[08:15] <sheri_bh> Sheri: small companies can pick and choose the parts that match what the organization is doing
[08:16] <sheri_bh> Jeff: read out the definition of organization from the draft
[08:17] <sheri_bh> Jake: includes but are not limited to means everything can be an organization
[08:17] <sheri_bh> Janina: don't think that's a big problem, doesn't need to be solved by FPWD
[08:18] <sheri_bh> Jeff: We want this to be used for the whole organization, not just part
[08:19] <sheri_bh> Sheri: We can provide the data for the whole organization, but we can't make them use it
[08:20] <sheri_bh> Janina - this discussion is important, but not relevant to FPWD
[08:21] <sheri_bh> Jake wants a definition for organization that isn't an unbounded list
[08:26] <sheri_bh> Raph is out until 8/11, Jake is out until 8/15
[08:27] <sheri_bh> Sheri and Janina: wait for FPWD comments, see if others feel a different definition of organization is required
[08:29] <sheri_bh> Jeff: referred to his email last week about googlesheet and formulas (how the users will actually perform the assessments)
[08:30] <sheri_bh> Sheri: agree with Jeff, but want to wait until after TPAC when we start getting comments
[08:30] <sheri_bh> Janina: agree with Sheri, need to have a technology discussion.  Might be a database with local storage
[08:31] <sheri_bh> Jeff: need to show an example, not just a narrative
[08:32] <sheri_bh> Janina: still feel that is down the road, don't have the time to get it done and published by TPAC
[08:33] <sheri_bh> Janina: plus Judy is going to want messaging
[08:34] <sheri_bh> That messaging needs to be done early, because it needs to go through an entire approval process
[08:35] <sheri_bh> Sheri to take stab at messaging draft to present on the 20th
[08:35] <sheri_bh> Janina to send Sheri link to messaging template
[08:36] <sheri_bh> can't generate minutes :(
[08:36] <sheri_bh> so will paste into email

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