Re: Remote meetings update & apology for today's meeting

Hi Scott and All,

Scott, thank you for helping with this project, and for the discussion 
Monday and your report to RQTF.

A bit more of an update and clarifications:

I noted in brief discussion at the end of the RQTF meeting today that 
I'd shared with you some reservations about the document work going 
offline for a few weeks, just as we're hoping to rev up on this, but 
supported that since I've seen the great results of your previous deep 
dives. And I was encouraged that we seemed in agreement on what the 
problems in the current document are. Thank you for taking this on!

I'd like to stay in touch with you on some continued thoughts and 
external conversations I'm having about the document in the meantime, 
even if we can't meet real-time for a few weeks. Let's jointly decide 
what to bring back after we next meet.

I will probably in the meantime also continue to maintain the "to-do" 
section on the Wiki as a public place to manage some thinking about the 
document. Or, perhaps we can can use that as a dialog space.

One detail -- with regard to additional inputs to the document in the 
meantime, W3C prefers that inputs to editors be on archived lists or 
tools. Since my understanding is that Github is non-ideal for that, I'd 
like to suggest that interim inputs be posted to the RQTF list with cc 
to Scott, rather than them just going to a private email address.

Thoughts? Thanks,

- Judy

On 3/24/2021 3:49 AM, Scott Hollier wrote:
> To the RQTF
> Hope all is well!
> Unfortunately I wonít be able to attend todayís meeting due to a 
> family commitment, but I wanted to give you a quick update on the 
> remote meeting developments and ask for some information.
>   * Judy and I had a good meeting on Monday
>   * To progress the work, Iím going to have a first go at rewriting
>     and restructuring the entire remote meetings wiki, providing a
>     more formal introduction with definitions and then lead into
>     different sections.
>   * Judy and I will have a progress meeting on 12 April
>   * When its in a readable state Iíll bring it back to the group.
> To help with the progress, could I ask as an action for the group that 
> any links to W3C resources that specifically mention remote meetings, 
> or have significant overlap, are sent through to me?† If they are 
> already captured in the current remote meetings wiki thatís fine.
> Thanks everyone.
> Scott.
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