RE: [EXTERNAL] Conversational / Natural Language Interfaces / Interactive agent accessibility wiki update

Thanks Josh,

It looks like it’s shaping up.

The sign language augmentation to lip reading is called Cued Speech<>
Alongside BSL video clips and diagrams we should probably mention sign language avatars as well. I’ve seen many attempts and no successes but I no longer work in the deafness sector so someone may have cracked the sign language avatar (or may be close to it). There may be reasons why an avatar is a better fit for a solution as well (the positioning data/sign encoding may be lower bandwidth than a video stream).



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Subject: [EXTERNAL] Conversational / Natural Language Interfaces / Interactive agent accessibility wiki update

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Hi all,

I've had a go at distilling the current state of play regarding our
scope discussion for our 'Voice/Smart/Interactive-agents/*' work.<>

While this still sits under an URL with Voice Agents in the title - I
think we will be moving from that at some stage soon *grin.

I think this discussion is really getting somewhere, and thanks to all
for excellent contributions on the recent RQTF call, and via the list.

Special shouts to Jason and John, for a fantastically useful thread that
I have plundered liberally. It still needs work, but I hope I have
broadly managed to capture your angles of vision, distill the discussion
and frame some research questions for our use.

Comments and further discussion very welcome.


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