Re: Matching pull requests with issues

Hi, Scott:

Janina here with a cc to Michael as I think he can guide us on this
pretty readily ...

Scott Hollier writes:
> To the RQTF
> Just catching up on all the remote meetings action overnight, and saw that some of the issues I commented on have already been actioned by Jason with pull requests which I missed, apologies for that. Is there any easy way to view issues that line up with proposed changes?  I'm getting better with GitHub but still finding it a bit awkward to keep up with it all.

I think there is, but I'm unclear what to "click" to trigger the pretty
readable diff I saw just yesterday as a result of Josh's edits to the
messaging we're proposing to Shawn Henry for use when we publish our
resurrected CAPTCHA FPWD.

I found the diff very readable, even in my text-only email client, mutt.

I think the diff was auto-generated when Josh made the edits, and
probably didn't click the box that says: "This is a minor edit." But,
that's just a guess.

I wish I still had the email with the relevant link, but I've lost it to
/dev/null, regretably.



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