RE: Editorial revisions to Accessibility of Remote Meetings

To the RQTF

Thanks for that Jason. I had a read through prior to yesterday’s meeting and it’s looking really good at this stage, great work.

Also from the meeting, I’d like to follow up on Janina’s comment that we need to identify what we’re doing with this, and by memory we agreed two weeks ago that there was plans to discuss on the WAI call

That said, I’m thinking that as a group we can help progress what we think is best for the document, and for me it’d really help if I could read some definitions as to how W3C defines particular documents. Is there a link where it specifically explains the differences between Note, resource and statement?  I thinkthis’d be helpful in the review to see what definitions line up best with the content at the moment and make some decisions Abou it going forward.

Thanks everyone,


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From: White, Jason J <>
Sent: Thursday, 26 August 2021 4:07 AM
Subject: RE: Editorial revisions to Accessibility of Remote Meetings

Dear colleagues,
Time constraints did not permit us to discuss these proposed changes to Accessibility of Remote Meetings today. Thus, any review that you can offer prior to next week’s meeting would be welcome in order to facilitate progress.
I also anticipate further discussion of our publication plans for this document (raised briefly at today’s meeting, but likely to be considered more fully next week).
The original note regarding the changes is reproduced for convenience below.

From: White, Jason J
Sent: Friday, 20 August 2021 11:36
Subject: Editorial revisions to Accessibility of Remote Meetings

Dear colleagues,

I have reorganized aspects of the Accessibility of Remote Meetings draft, while introducing clarificatory, editorial changes.

The pull request on GitHub is at

The proposed text is rendered at


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