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On 5/22/20 9:15 AM, 'Janina Sajka' wrote:
> Just to keep it perfectly clear --- APA exists primarily to help other
> W3C Working Groups get accessibility right. Of course we need to do so
> in a vendor neutral way, but we also need software implementations to
> transition accessibility supporting specs to PR, so I think it's OK to
> ping me and APA when there's software implementations to look at. It's
> what we do, and I look forward to doing it with you and Verifiable
> Claims folks.

Yes, understood, and to be more precise, these are the concrete things
I'd like APA to weigh in on in the next 3-6 months:

* The Credential Handler API implementation - being incubated
  in the W3C Credentials CG, used across all industries to
  drive the graphical user interface that stores and retrieves
  Verifiable Credentials. How does this interface interact with
  JAWS, Orca, ChromeVox and other a11y software?

* The a11y profile use case, specifically the data model that
  would be most helpful to be able to express as a verifiable
  credential. Specifically, what attributes of the individual
  should be able to be expressed and in what way. For example,
  "the individual prefers the minimum font size to be 18
  points in size", or "the individual prefers a high-contrast
  color layout", or "the individual prefers prompts to be
  auditory with a volume level of 80 decibels".

* The service animal use case, mentioned in a recent thread.

> Verifiable Claims

A minor nit that, as a community, we've decided to start correcting
folks on. The technology, group, etc. have been renamed to "Verifiable
Credentials"... the use of the former was a mistake that we've paid for
over the past several years.

From now on out, please refer to the work as "Verifiable Credentials".
Even we accidentally slip into calling it the wrong thing from time to
time. :)

-- manu

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