Re: Verifiable Credentials: Top A11y Use Cases

On 5/19/20 12:40 AM, Janina Sajka wrote:
> Back in January we promissed to think about "killer" use cases for
> verifiable credentials. We're a bit late getting back to you, but we
> have worked on this and come to a consensus on 6 use cases that we
> believe would be good for accessibility. One of these we believe is a
> poster worthy "killer" use case.

(bcc: W3C Verifiable Credentials WG and W3C Credentials CG)

Janina, these Accessibility Use Cases are excellent!

Many thanks to Josh, Jason, and APA in general for putting them together.

The next steps are to integrate these into the Verifiable Credentials
Use Cases document under the auspices of the Verifiable Credentials
Working Group (Maintenance Mode Charter). Joe has historically led that
work, so I'll be sure to chat with him about it in the coming weeks.

Once we have the use case integrated, we'll see if the community would
like to produce a demonstration of the use case using the existing
software available in the ecosystem.

My biggest concern at present is not that the use case is achievable (it
is)... it's that the software that exists in the ecosystem most likely
has a11y flaws that we'll need to ferret out and address. Who should be
our point of contact at APA wrt. these use cases and pointing out how
the software fails to live up to a11y needs? Or would you rather we just
email APA directly?

-- manu

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