Security, Privacy and Accessibility use cases

Hi all,

Our discussion in RQTF yesterday about security, privacy and 
accessibility has produced some further thoughts.
Janina makes the point that many of the user needs and requirements for 
security and privacy are generic, and broadly applicable for e'one. I 
agree. There is a point of interest for us here in that there is 
arguably an imperative when it comes to protecting the right of people 
with disabilities online, or those who may be classed as vulnerable.

I think this is where we could lead the charge by further exploring the 
potential impact of fingerprinting and how it relates to profiling 
people with disabilities, if we can come up with ways of ensuring that 
the integrity of the user is maintained throughout for people with 
disabilities, my point is this may lead to interesting benefits for the 
'ordinary' end user.

I think this is the use case (protecting the integrity of disability 
related user data) - that could catch attention, headlines etc rather 
like the traveling animal one in verifiable claims.

Janina also expressed the interesting nature of these technologies that 
they are neither good or bad - it is how they are used that is 
important. But to paraphrase some other clever guy, neither are they 



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Received on Thursday, 27 February 2020 11:56:08 UTC