Re: Meeting agenda for 13 November 2019

Hi Jason and all,

I'm looking forward to our post Inclusive XR workshop call.

A couple of extra items to discuss today around XAUR.

1) We have some new user needs! Based on some discussion at the workshop 
and collective brainstorming etc. Very happy about that. I've added them 
to the XAUR. [1]


2)The current XAUR is getting rather large and unwieldy - I want do 
discuss editing it down so that it focuses exclusively on user 
need/requirements etc. IMO it would be preferable to move other 'parts' 
of it to separate documents. For example, the XR Object Semantics Module 
could that be removed to its own document? IMO, yes and doing this may 
help focus the discussion around semantics, and could be linked heavily 
to the user needs content of the existing XAUR. We would have more 
documents and I know the group is not totally keen on that, but I feel 
we need focussed discussion on different parts of the stack to make 
effective progress.

3) To start this process - I've already removed the draft  'XAUR 
checkpoints' - which we have not reviewed in RQTF anyway at this point. 
I've moved those to a separate page for the moment. They could be used 
by Silver or AGWG as required.

4) I've also removed the draft XR Media requirements checklist 
reference, and examples, as really this muddies the water in the XAUR.

Looking forward to discussing later!


Emerging Web Technology Specialist/Accessibility (WAI/W3C)

Received on Wednesday, 13 November 2019 12:46:52 UTC