Summary of the status of open CAPTCHA issues

Dear colleagues,

Janina has helpfully prepared a summary, as follows, of the status of the public comments received regarding the Inaccessibility of CAPTCHA document.

Thanks are owed to Janina for this analysis.

Identify W3C groups who should be explicitly asked for a review of our note

Issues Management

Those issues that need work are classified as High, Medium, or Low difficulty.
Else, they are labeled Editorial, Duplicate, Resolved, or Pending meaning
pending agreement from commentor on our resolution.

4: Video Game; Smart-Device Divide [Medium]
Janina for Smart Device Divide
Unassigned on Video Game
NOTE: Should be split into two issues

5: reCAPTCHA discrimination and privacy concern {Pending]

6: Drag and drop CAPTCHA [High]

7: Privacy, PKI, and 3rd Party Concerns [Medium]
NOTE: Provides buzz words and additional examples to reCAPTCHA

10: Commercial in browser mechanism [Pending]

11: reCAPTCHA v. 3 fallback [Low]

12: Spelling of 'vicious' [Pending]

13: reCAPTCHA WCAG Failures Report [Resolved]

14: security and privacy properties of biometrics unstated or confused [High]

15: privacy/accessibility implications of relying on logged-in identity
provider [High]

16: blinded verifications and related work are currently missing [Low]

17: What is an "aggregator?" [Medium]

18: captcha: is the issue "exposing their data and content"? [Low]

19: Excess commas [Resolved--Accepted]

20: Too long sentence [Low]
NOTE: (this could be editorial, but appears to be seeking substantive clarification.)

21: Another excess comma [Resolved--Accepted]

22: captcha: multi-device/cross-site paragraph confusing [Moderate]
NOTE: (this could be editorial, but appears to be seeking substantive clarification.)
NOTE: See Issue #7 comment

23: Confusing sentence re copyright and BookShare [Medium]
NOTE: Do we say more than needed about BookShare?

24: Logic Puzzle section is a bit thin[Moderate]

25: reCAPTCHA selectively blocks audio challenge [Moderate]
NOTE: Are the provided URIs useful to our bibliography?

Comments via Blog or Email:

1.)          reCAPTCHA review from Google [Medium]

2.)          WCAG Failure [Pending]


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