Re: Web Of Things Technical Accessibility Issues.

On 18/06/2019 5:31 a.m., Joshue O Connor wrote:
> One of the questions I've got is how can we insure that thing meta 
> data - when needed, translates in a way that accessibility APIs can 
> consume?  Do we need abstractions between RDF/JSON-LD and an 
> accessibility API? Will it all be just parsed as text? Does this data 
> need a semantics to present to a user (which I think will be the case)? 

The discussion in this thread is interesting and has some good thoughts. 
On the one above, though, I caution about presuming accessibility APIs 
are necessarily part of the solution for web of things accessibility. 
Accessibility APIs weren't designed for that, and I think sooner or 
later that approach to accessibility will have a natural sunset. It's 
useful to think of where web of things might interface with 
accessibility APIs, and in some cases where specific enhancements to 
accessibility APIs might be important. But we should also think of other 
ways web of things can make themselves accessible. Rich enough "thing 
descriptions" so a user agent can construct an accessible experience 
without a priori knowledge, self-describing metadata ontologies that 
allow automated processing without reference to restricted 
vocabularies... Some of those things have been dreams of the metadata 
community for a long time, but the present state of technology and the 
novel use cases of web of things might mean those things are realistic 
now, and a potentially important part of the accessibility puzzle.


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