Re: Web Of Things Technical Accessibility Issues.

On 17/06/2019 15:43, White, Jason J wrote:

> Thus, I think part of the challenge associated with this topic is that it isn't primarily a question of "accessibility" as such, and that we shouldn't try to force the discussion to fit within that framework.

+1 to this. I'm also feeling the need to not force a11y issues into this 
space. We should continue to refine our use cases for domains like Smart 
Cities, Beacons, Navigation, Sensor Enabled environments etc and come up 
with some really good ones - and not burn WoT time unnecessarily.



> Thus, my question is to what extent the above comment is accurate - to what extent is it a matter of opportunities for building applications to meet specific needs, rather than of making applications that would otherwise be created more universally designed and more accessible?

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