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> Reading this again this early morning, I see at least one glaring
> grammatical error.
> [...] Boo.
Fixed. I've added the use case text to our doc, and made some editorial 
changes. I hope this makes the 'reason why' clearer, as I felt in your 
draft the reader may have to dig a little to understand why the IRC 
style is preferred, so I made it clearer that there is a potentially 
substantial problem with the translation of TTS into intelligible speech 
if it isn't 'scheduled' properly. [1]

With this in mind I also added the word 'scheduling' as I think this 
neatly describes one of the potential issues with an 'RTT only UI' for a 
blind user. So the new initial paragraph now reads:

"Blind users who rely on text to speech (TTS) to interact with their 
computers and smart devices require the traditional Internet Relay Chat 
(IRC) style interface. This must be preserved as a configuration option 
in agents that implement WebRTC as opposed to having only the Real Time 
Text (RTT) type interface favoured by users who are deaf or hearing 
impaired. This is because TTS cannot reasonably translate text into 
comprehensible speech unless the characters to be pronounced are 
scheduled and transmitted in close timing to one another."

I also named the user case 'Internet Relay Chat Style Interface required 
for Blind Users' just to make it clear.

I hope this works for you, comments etc welcome!




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