Checklist proposal for XAUR document

Hi all,

We had a very productive call yesterday in RQTF on what should be 
contained in the XAUR document. Concerns were raised that we are not 
trying to create any kind of normative standard, and we will continue 
the discussion around how XAUR relates to FAST, WCAG 2.x and work in Silver.

Jason, expressed the concern that right now, authors and devs really 
have no-where to go to get any substantive advise on with what user 
needs in XR may be or how to need them.

So I've a suggestion to float to the group. We currently have a useful 
section that outlines some of the user needs in XR, in a rather clear 
way - grouped under headings like education, gaming, health etc. [1]

My vision for the following section was where there would be modules 
relating to XR Semantics (where objects role,state, properties etc are 
described), Navigation, Interaction etc.

This would be a good place for generic advise on how to approach making 
these areas accessible and addressing some of the user needs that are 
outlined in the first part of the doc. They could be written as 
informative checklist/ indicators that could help the reader get to 
grips with what is needed, but doesn't have to be exhaustive or definitive.

For example, there are some items I've started to draft for media in XR, 
a few months ago - and I used the MAUR as a template - here are some 
examples for accessible Media in XR that I've drafted.

        Navigating ancillary content

  * [CN-XR-1] Provide a means to structure media resources so that users
    can navigate them by semantic content structure. Support keeping all
    media alternatives synchronized when users navigate.

        Described Video in XR

  * [DV-XR-1] Provide an indication that descriptions for video are
    available, and details on their status (active/non-active).
  * [DV-XR-2] Render descriptions in a time-synchronized manner, using
    the primary media resource as the timebase master, ensure tracking
    between descriptions is maintained.
  * [DV-XR-3] Support multiple description tracks (e.g., discrete tracks
    containing different levels of detail).
  * [DV-XR-4] Support recordings of high quality speech, or video audio,
    as a track of the media resource, or as an external file.
  * [DV-XR-5] Allow the author to independently adjust the volumes and
    panning of the audio description and original soundtracks where
    these are available as separate audio channel resources.

The full current draft can be found here. [2]

For the XAUR  I've removing some of the informative paragraphs just to 
make this more readable.

So if we take that approach with say the XR Navigation, some of the 
initial checkpoints could be:

*XR Navigation*

      Movement Model

[MV-XR-1] Provide a means to map all functionality to a users preferred 

[MV-XR-2] Ensure the user can make a move or action without having to 
physically emulate that movement or action. Each movement and action 
should have an alternative, or an alternative mapping to a control


      Use of sounds

[MV-XR-3] Provide a means that audio describes sounds within a game.

[MV-XR-4] Ensure the user understand any speech or dialogue within a 
game, by modifying background music or game dynamics to their preference.



[MV-XR-5] Ensure haptics reflect correct game feedback and are 
synchronised with audio game dynamics.



[MV-XR-6] Ensure the user can find their location within a game or other 
immersive environment easily.



[MV-XR-7] Ensure the user can find their location of other players, 
targets etc within a game - without compromising game dynamics easily.


Ok, so that's an initial stab at it and to indicate an option - and I 
look forward to feedback on this idea. How to you feel about this 
suggested checklist approach?

I do hear the need for something that authors and devs can actually 
refer to.





Emerging Web Technology Specialist/Accessibility (WAI/W3C)

Received on Thursday, 29 August 2019 09:57:56 UTC