XAUR - User requirements for augmentd and virtual reality - general comments

Here are general (first impression-based) comments on the draft at
offered by way of preparation for the meeting. Thanks are owed to Josh for working on this draft.

There is interesting and informative material in this draft. For purposes of a subsequent draft, I think it could be better organized. It seems to me that potential implementers or specification writers would currently have a difficult time finding and compiling the information that is needed to make XR-related technologies and systems more accessible.

A possible approach to organization of at least the requirements aspect of the document would be to review the Functional Performance Statements in EN 301 549. (There are somewhat similar, parallel statements in the U.S. section 508/section 255 regulations). Then explain what is needed for XR-based systems to satisfy each of the functional performance requirements. A note on what currently isn’t addressed by WCAG 2.x would also be useful, but perhaps not essential. I would suggest placing emphasis on those aspects of XR that make it distinct from typical Web-based user interfaces, including tracking, and the combinations of input and output mechanisms employed.

An actual numbered list of user requirements would be very helpful (R1, R2, …), so that a reader of the document knows what the requirements are. At the moment, they have to be inferred from examples and explanations.

What I find missing in the current draft is a clear conception and explanation of what features “universally designed” (broadly accessible) XR-based systems should have, and how these relate to user needs. There are examples provided, but they don’t yet constitute a unified description of what has to be done if one wants to apply principles of accessible design in creating an XR technology, or developing a new XR-based application.

I would also suggest expanding the “inputs” section to include gesture recognition (using computer vision, not controllers).

We can probably improve the examples further, but, for the moment, my interest lies in the over-all focus, content and organization of the document.

There are editorial issues that can safely be addressed later.

I hope these comments prove useful, and I look forward to a discussion on Wednesday of different perspectives regarding the draft.


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