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I'd like to respond ot some of the CAPTCHA issues. If I respond to some of the CAPTCHA issues on-list, can someone please put them into GitHub? Unfortunately I find GitHub difficult to use. If you hear of anyone in Perth that may be able to sit with me and train me up, please let me know!

Looking forward to returning to the call next week. 


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Subject: CAPTCHA Update


This is a quick progress report. A good deal of editing in response to wide review comments has been accomplished, though there's still a good deal more to do. The most recent edits are found in this branch:

Issues Remaining
As of 10 April

4: Video Game; Smart-Device Divide [Medium]
Janina for Smart Device Divide
Unassigned on Video Game
NOTE: Should be split into two issues

6: Drag and drop CAPTCHA [High]

7: Privacy, PKI, and 3rd Party Concerns [Medium]
NOTE: Provides buzz words and additional examples to reCAPTCHA

11: reCAPTCHA v. 3 fallback [Low]

14: security and privacy properties of biometrics unstated or confused [High]

15: privacy/accessibility implications of relying on logged-in identity provider [High]

16: blinded verifications and related work are currently missing [High]

22: captcha: multi-device/cross-site paragraph confusing [Moderate]
NOTE: (this could be editorial, but appears to be seeking substantive clarification.)
NOTE: See Issue #7 comment

24: Logic Puzzle section is a bit thin[Moderate]

26: Blinded Tokens [High]

Comments via Blog or Email:

1.)	reCAPTCHA review from Google [Medium]


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