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That's fantastic, thanks heaps for that!


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Hi all

I’ve added Jason’s additional math references to the STEM domain-specific wiki page, formatted all references and grouped them into categories. Please feel free to review and suggest alternative groupings to help our review work.

Scott—I also took your music references and created a separate page for those:

Both the STEM and Music literature review pages are available from a Domain-specific notation index page:


> On 26 Sep 2018, at 01:23, White, Jason J <> wrote:
> By way of update in advance of the meeting: I verified citations of many of the relevant papers cited in the following two survey articles, and discovered a few more while doing so.
> However, I still need to search for more recent references, and, of course, read the papers themselves.
> Archambault, D. (2009). Non visual access to mathematical contents: State of the art and prospective. In Proceedings of the WEIMS Conference (Vol. 2009, pp. 43-52).
> Karshmer, A., Gupta, G., & Pontelli, E. (2007, February). Mathematics and accessibility: A survey. In Proc. 9th International Conference on Computers Helping People with Special Needs (Vol. 3118, pp. 664-669).
> Chicago
> For discussion at the meeting: we may need to define and clarify our scope. Nonvisual access to mathematical notation alone is the subject of a small but significant literature. I’m sure the same is true of access to graphical content. If we extend the survey to include education-related references, the body of literature will grow accordingly.
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