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To Janina 

I've just finished reading it - you've done a fantastic job!

I only have one bit of feedback and it relates to the first sentence in the Abstract. 

Can we change: 

"Because robots are both ubiquitous and pernicious on the web,..."


"As a result of robots being ubiquitous and pernicious on the web,..."

Or something similar. I'm haunted by my high school English teacher reminding me that sentences don't read well with 'because' as the first word so if we could change that one thing it's the only part that I'd like to change, otherwise I reckon it's great!


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It continues a work in progress, but I am actively editing the text in a branch document. I hope to finish my current editing before our call.

Please review:


White, Jason J writes:
> Meeting Logistics
>   *   Time: Wednesday, 30 May 2018 at 9:00am Boston time (1300 UTC).
>   *   Please see the teleconference details on the Web page at<>
> Agenda
> This is expected to be a brief update and coordination meeting to discuss and plan further work related to our current research topics, including addressing issues arising from the draft APA Working Group Note on CAPTCHA, as well as extending our review of virtual reality accessibility research to encompass augmented reality.
> References
>   *   Research Questions Task Force - wiki:
>   *   Minutes of previous meeting: Editor's Draft of revised note on CAPTCHA:
>   *   Draft Accessible Platform Architectures Working Group Charter:
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