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RE: Reference on Web application navigation by screen reader users

From: Scott Hollier <scott@hollier.info>
Date: Wed, 31 Jan 2018 10:16:45 +0000
To: "public-rqtf@w3.org" <public-rqtf@w3.org>
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To the RQTF

Jason: thanks for sending through the reference.

All: I've had a chance to do a little bit of digging and found some references of interest. I should have time to do more searching over the coming week.

Few notes;

  *   I've focused on AR, disability, navigation and interface
  *   The references are weighted towards intellectual disability and cognitive disability which seems to be the main area of research in this area, but will spend more time next week trying to find information across different disability groups
  *   Unfortunately the new system I'm using doesn't include the Abstract in the references below so will look to see if there's a better way of sharing the information for the next lot of references.
Reference list follows.


RAuthor: Benda, P, Ulman, M and Smejkalová, M
Year: 2015
Title: Augmented Reality As a Working Aid for Intellectually Disabled Persons For Work in Horticulture
Journal: AGRIS On-line Papers in Economics and Informatics
Volume: 7
Issue: 4
Pages: 31-37

Reference Type:  Journal Article
Record Number: 9
Author: Billinghurst, Mark
Year: 2002
Title: Special Issue on Wearable Computing
Journal: Personal and Ubiquitous Computing
Volume: 6
Issue: 1
Pages: 1-2
Short Title: Special Issue on Wearable Computing
ISSN: 1617-4909
DOI: 10.1007/s007790200000

Author: Cihak, David F, Moore, Eric J, Wright, Rachel E, McMahon, Don D, Gibbons, Melinda M and Smith, Cate
Year: 2016
Title: Evaluating Augmented Reality to Complete a Chain Task for Elementary Students With Autism
Journal: Journal of Special Education Technology
Volume: 31
Issue: 2
Pages: 99-108

Author: Covaci, Alexandra, Kramer, Dean, Augusto, Juan Carlos, Rus, Silvia and Braun, Andreas
Year of Conference: 2015
Title: Assessing Real World Imagery in Virtual Environments for People with Cognitive Disabilities

Author: Faller, Josef, Allison, Brendan Z., Brunner, Clemens, Scherer, Reinhold, Schmalstieg, Dieter, Pfurtscheller, Gert and Neuper, Christa
Year: 2017
Title: A feasibility study on SSVEP-based interaction with motivating and immersive virtual and augmented reality

Author: Joseph, Samleo L., Xiaochen Zhang, Ivan, Dryanovski, Ivan, Jizhong Xiao, Ivan, Chucai Yi, Ivan and Yingli Tian, Ivan
Year of Conference: 2013
Title: Semantic Indoor Navigation with a Blind-User Oriented Augmented Reality

Author: Katz, B.F.G., Dramas, F., Parseihian, G., Gutierrez, O., Kammoun, S., Brilhault, A., Brunet, L., Gallay, M., Oriola, B., Auvray, M., Truillet, P., Denis, M., Thorpe, S. and Jouffrais, C.
Year: 2012
Title: NAVIG: Guidance system for the visually impaired using virtual augmented reality
Journal: Technology and Disability
Volume: 24
Issue: 2
Pages: 163-178

Author: McMahon, Don, Cihak, David F. and Wright, Rachel
Year: 2015
Title: Augmented Reality as a Navigation Tool to Employment Opportunities for Postsecondary Education Students with Intellectual Disabilities and Autism
Journal: Journal of Research on Technology in Education
Volume: 47
Issue: 3
Pages: 157-172

Author: McMahon, Don D, Smith, Cate C, Cihak, David F, Wright, Rachel and Gibbons, Melinda M
Year: 2015
Title: Effects of Digital Navigation Aids on Adults With Intellectual Disabilities
Journal: Journal of Special Education Technology
Volume: 30
Issue: 3
Pages: 157-165

Author: Oliveira, Luciene Chagas de, Soares, Alcimar Barbosa, Cardoso, Alexandre, Andrade, Adriano de Oliveira and Júnior, Edgard Afonso Lamounier
Title: Mobile Augmented Reality enhances indoor navigation for wheelchair users
Journal: Research on Biomedical Engineering
Volume: 32
Issue: 2
Pages: 111-122

Author: Pase, Shane, Hare, Garry, Alvord, Mary, Hagan, Cynthia and Hogg, Jerri Lynn
Year: 2015
Title: Inattentional blindness and mobile augmented reality applications: A study of inattentional blindness effects during sustained attention to a mobile augmented reality application

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From: White, Jason J [mailto:jjwhite@ets.org]
Sent: Monday, 29 January 2018 10:51 PM
To: public-rqtf@w3.org
Subject: Reference on Web application navigation by screen reader users

Here's the reference that I noted at our last meeting on the topic of navigation.

Takagi, H., Saito, S., Fukuda, K., & Asakawa, C. (2007). Analysis of navigability of Web applications for improving blind usability. ACM Transactions on Computer-Human Interaction (TOCHI), 14(3), 13.


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