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Minutes from the first teleconference of the Research Questions Task Force on
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16 Nov 2016

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          Janina, sloandr, Scott, David_Sloan, Gottfried




     * Topics
         1. Introductions
         2. Workplan Discussion
         3. Web Authentication
         4. Coordination with WCAG
         5. Next call
     * Summary of Action Items
     * Summary of Resolutions

   <scribe> scribe: Janina


   [people are introducing themselves]

Workplan Discussion

   jw: Consists of ideas that arose from APA discussions
   ... Topics include authentication (also including captcha); personalization, ...
   ... Methodological advice for Silver (from WCAG); ...


   Workplan URI is ...

   sh: Interested about including apps, is that in scope?

   jw: Notes WCAG has an active Mobile Accessibility TF
   ... They're developing requirements for WCAG 2.1 and beyond

   sh: Example of interest is virtual reality and how that could help pwds

   jb: Notes we should look at the Work Statement for scoping questions ...


   jb: Notes that VR not currently up for WCAG 2.1, but hopes it is for Silver

   janina: Noting her view that any tech using http is in scope -- browsers being a general user instance; and apps being specific task instances

   Here's the Workplan:


   jb: Notes the Silver work and apps are OK, but TF is more directly tied to APA's concerns

   ds: Recalling that rdwg was more driven by interests of participants, and likes that we're coordinating topics with other W3 work this time

   jw: Notes potential additions for the Workplan and we should discuss on list

Web Authentication

   jw: There is interest around W3C, including around WAI to enhance how authentication is handled on the web
   ... APIs are being developed by a Web Authentication WG
   ... Would include biometrics, as well as multifactor
   ... We need to start thinking about the a11y implications of all these approaches
   ... We should look to inform W3 activity on this, and also related WCAG responses
   ... Suggest we need to identify prior research and pubs in this area

   janina: Notes the joint meeting during TPAC and that we were pointed to a developer group that implements specs in devices
   ... We neglected to scribe, but I will post that group's contact info

   jw: Anyone with experience in this area? Or interested in taking this on specifically?

   <jasonjgw> Janina: it was clear from the joint meeting that risk-based authentication was being promoted for use on the server. There are several ways of judging risk
   and different levels of confidence regarding the information provided by the client.

   jw: So, they call it "risk based authentication"
   ... Server acquires data from client, and these are factored along with other data, e.g. ip of the client

Coordination with WCAG

   jw: Very interested in developing useful data gathering instruments to inform Silver
   ... So are keen on obtaining methodological guidance
   ... Also in developing comprehensive literature of relevance
   ... Want to coordinate with RQTF on these

   ds: I've already joined the Silver TF and would be happy to liaison for RQTF
   ... Discussion of authentication got me thinking about our own methodology in this group
   ... Should we be looking to develop a listing of a11y experts in various important areas of concern?
   ... So we would know who's working in a particular area?

   jb: Interesting suggestion.
   ... Hope we look in multiple communities, both in a11y and in the topic area itself
   ... Hope that we look at enough that this would become a fluid interaction and we would continue to reach out on each topic

   ds: Agree we shouldn't digress on this, just as a quick and basic help to get us going
   ... Noting that this might be a way to draw in more participation for the RQTF

   jw: Yes, if we know of contributors in general, or on a specific topic area, please contact and encourage their participation

   sh: What's the best process? Can we forward them to Jason

   jw: Notes the "participation" section in the Work Statement

   js: Also good to let Jason know, so we can track and help

   ds: Will try to come up with a few names of persons we might benefit from
   ... Should I email? Is there a wiki?

   jw: Likes the notion of a wiki in order to tie in publications, etc
   ... I'll volunteer to continue looking at authentication ...

   sh: Happy to get involved

   ds: Also

Next call

   js: Suggesting 30 November

   sh: Will be flying, but regular sounds fine
   ... One hour earlier would be easier

   <sloandr> thanks, everyone!

Summary of Action Items

Summary of Resolutions

   [End of minutes]

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