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ISSUE-94 (Objects): How to represent objects filelds and methods in RIF [PRD ]

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ISSUE-94 (Objects): How to represent objects filelds and methods in RIF [PRD ]


Raised by: Christian de Sainte Marie
On product: PRD 

During F2F11 in NYC, one of the questions that were tabled and not further discussed was the representation, in RIF, of object methods.

During F2F12, in Portland, the question of the representation of single-valued attributes, such as objects' attributes, has been discussed, with the conclusion that the single essential difference between a multi-valued attribute (as represenetd by a RIF Frame) and a single-valued attribute, is in the semantic of asserting a value: the assertion adds a new value to the attribute's values in the case of a multi-valued attribute; it replaces the attribute's previous value, if the attribute is single-valued. Re representation, the discussion revolved around how to indicate that a frame attribute is single-valued, e.g.:
- using specific syntax;
- using an annotation;
- adding a specific action for assertion with replacement semantics and leaving it to the consumer to determine the cardinality of attributes, based on the actions that affect them.

The two questions (methods and attributes) are related because most OO programming languages handle uniformally the representation of attribute references and for method calls.

Whether they are related in RIF will depend on proposed resolutions for this issue...
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