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OMG PRR UPDATE: RTF, OCL2.2 announced

From: Paul Vincent <pvincent@tibco.com>
Date: Fri, 26 Jun 2009 10:25:56 -0700
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News from OMG this week: 

1.       PRR F2F meeting: introduced PRR to 2 parties new to PRR (Axway
and Netfective)

a.       Actions: to update the OMG PRR presentation; prep and announce
the Wiki URL

b.      News: MagicDraw presenting on PRR at ORF09

2.       PRR 1.1: the RTF for changes to PRR (to become PRR 1.1) will
contain members from IBM/Ilog, TIBCO, NoMagic, Sandpiper, Inferware,
Business Rule Solutions, Business Semantics

a.       Deadlines: comments 1 April 2010 for completion for June OMG

b.      Will likely use new prr-rtf email list

3.       PRR 2.0: an RFP will be needed for a normative concrete syntax
for PRR. Current candidates include:

a.       PRR OCL: of note was that OCL2.2 RTF was completed, which any
normative PRR OCL would likely use

b.      PRR PRD: use of W3C RIF PRD expression language in PRR will be
discussed after the RIF PRD roadmap is defined more

4.       Related standards:

a.       DMN - a proposed standard for decision models / notations which
could export to PRR (& RIF PRD) - was discussed; OMG wiki (URL TBA) and
mailing list (open to non-OMG members, dmn-rfp@omg.org ) is set-up

b.      Case Management - proposed RFP - will likely require production
rules for dynamic processes involved in case mgmt



BPMN = Business Process Model and Notation standard

DMN = Decision Model and Notation proposed standard

OCL = Object Constraint Language standard

OMG = Object Management Group

ORF09 = October Rules Fest 09 (Dallas, Sept)

PRR = Production Rule Representation, a rule modeling standard

RFP = Request For Proposals

RTF = Revision Task Force, fixing bugs for minor releases




Paul Vincent 

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