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RE: quick fix for bld Groups (& core and FLD)?

From: Boley, Harold <Harold.Boley@nrc-cnrc.gc.ca>
Date: Tue, 9 Jun 2009 12:31:28 -0400
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Done (in BLD and FLD), Harold


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Subject: quick fix for bld Groups (& core and FLD)?

The BLD eBNF says Groups can be empty - this is my recollection as well,
so-called "mathematic" syntax (2.3) and the semantics (3.4) do not
reflect this.

Assuming the possibility of empty groups is allowable, then:

* section 2.3 item 6 (Groups) shoudl be updated to say something like:

As a special case, Group() is allowed and is treated as a tautology,
i.e., a 
formula that is always true.

* section 3.4 item 12 (Groups) shoudl be updated to say something like:

The empty group is treated as a tautology, so TValI(Group()) = t.

Michael is on vacation.  I'm happy to make the update myself but would
like a 
nod or two from someone that empty groups are desired (ignoring the fact
several people don't want groups at all).


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