Re: [RDF+OWL] Way of connecting RDF and RIF lists


>> Actually, according to the RIF list semantics, List(ex:b | ex:c) does
>> not necessarily denote a list.  In some interpretations it will be a
>> list, and in other interpretations it is just some object.
>> This might actually be a problem.
>    I can't find any actual real problem here...

I could not think of a good example in BLD, but consider an extension of
BLD with existentials in the head. You could write:

Exists ?x (ex:p(List(ex:a | ?x)))

This does not entail:

Exists ?y (And(ex:p(List(ex:a | ?y)) is-list(?y)))

Received on Tuesday, 28 April 2009 12:27:51 UTC