OMG PRR Liaison: Decision Model and Notation RFP ; PRR RTF proposals

Might be of interest to W3C RIF members too. 


DMN is the "decision" equivalent of BPMN, and of course DMN could target
RIF rules for use cases like MISMO. Indeed, DMN could map to multiple
RIF dialects as required...


The DMN RFP discussion email list is open to the public. Please contact
Christian or myself the joining instructions if interested.



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At the PRR FTF face2face meeting at the OMG DC meeting this week we
briefly discussed 2 items that may be of interest to other BMI members:


1.       Decision Model and Notation
One of the standard IT practices in BPM-BRMS is to "model" decision
rules using notations like decision tables and trees, and then transform
these either to some custom algorithm or production rules (which may or
may not be involved in inferencing) as defined in PRR. With the BPMN2
"business rule task" not having a standard model or notation beyond the
notation icon, the PRR team thought it relevant to propose to fill this
gap with a Decision Model and Notation RFP that is also relevant to
other decision rule uses. 

ACTION: If anyone in BMI is interested in joining these discussions,
leading to an RFP discussion at the next OMG meeting, please let
Christian and I know. Or of course feel free to discuss on the bmi
mailing list.

DMN topics could include:

a.       An initial notation for decision rules as used in business
processes and services, such as a decision table and tree.

b.      A mapping to PRR.

c.       Some level of compatibility with the BPMN2 model, possibly as
an optional extension (as well as a standalone model).

d.      Links to SBVR term and fact models (although possibly this would
piggyback work on SBVR-BPMN vocabulary-to-business-object-model

e.      Provide the decision component for Case Management and maybe
other BMI RFPs / standards.

Note the previous OMG discussions on this topic were at Burlingame in
Dec 07. 

2.       Production Rule Representation RTF (and PRR2 RFP)
The PRR RTF (and possible v2 RFP) need to consider the usual maintenance
issues for a standard, in particular improving some of the MOF
representations, considering a concrete expression language syntax like
PRR OCL, and any other W3C RIF PRD compatibility extensions. 

ACTION: If any BMI member wants to be added to the RTF (or any FTF
member want to be removed) please let us know; we will likely charter
the PRR RTF at the next OMG meeting subject to interest. 




Paul Vincent 

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