Re: New version of FLD

Michael Kifer wrote:
> Harold and I have finally implemented a major update to FLD.
> The main changes are:
> 1. Aggregates
> 2. Modules
> 3. Reification significantly generalized
> 4. Connectives and quantifiers are now extensible: dialects can add new ones
>    without the need to expand FLD.
> The XML framework of FLD hasn't been updated yet, but this is not so crucial.

Wow, that's a pretty major update.

Not had time to study it properly but one minor comment. I see that both 
schemas for, and calls to, external terms now have a non-optional 
location.  You might want to make the location optional in both cases 
otherwise DTB will need to be rewritten to update all its schemas and 
the existing PRD and BLD syntax for Externals would need to change.
Indeed I'm not quite sure what the location part of the schema is for - 
I can see why we would want a location for some forms of External call 
but I'm not sure why that's part of the schema as well, surely the 
location might vary at run time? I'd have expected the schema to just 
include a flag to indicate whether a location is required. Perhaps I 
just need to read the document more carefully.

Presumably section 6 of BLD will need to be updated to match the new FLD.


Received on Monday, 6 April 2009 07:29:28 UTC