OWL 2 RL in RIF (Core)

To complete Action-574 I've taken a look at the OWL 2 RL rules and how 
to express them in RIF.

The results are written up at: http://www.w3.org/2005/rules/wiki/OWLRL 
which I've linked from the wiki front page under "Other Documents", hope 
that's the appropriate way to do it.

The summary is that the translation is possible except for mismatches in 
the supported datatypes. Apart from a small difficultly with rdf:text 
(which may just be my misunderstanding) then for OWL 2 RL restricted to 
those OWL 2 datatypes that are supported by RIF (rdf:text, rdfs:Literal, 
xsd:decimal, xsd:integer, xsd:string) the translation is done and falls 
within my current understanding of RIF Core.

There may be syntactic errors in the current version of the rule set due 
to my misunderstanding of RIF presentation syntax or due to typos (some 
of the rules are manually constructed). I'm hoping once Stuart or Hassan 
have their translator engines up and running they will enable me to do a 
proper syntax check.

There were a few questions, suggestions and possible issues that came up 
doing the translation which I'll put in separate email messages to make 
tracking them easier.

I think this completes my action as phrased (since I limited what I 
signed up to :-)).

However, I also want to document an algorithm to generate a RIF rule set 
specific to the tbox entries in a given OWL ontology. The advantage 
being that such tailored rulesets will be executable by production rule 
engines whereas the generic rule set is not (as far as I can tell).
I'll try to do that over the next day or so though there is a scaling 
issue with forward chaining the OWL 2 RL ruleset which will need to be 
worked around before we have a practical solution.

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