[Core] Core telecon Monday, October 13 -- Notes

These Raw Notes contain annotated PROPOSED resolutions
to two Core issues (I changed one 'head' to 'conclusion'):

PROPOSED: RIF Core will include member (#) but syntactically
restricted its use in rule conditions.
Rationale 1: PRD rules almost always start with a member test
in the condition.
Rationale 2: PR leverages type system from host programming language
and that is externally defined and immutable by rules.
Comment 1: Note that in RIF-RDF the equivalent property rdf:type
would still be permitted in rule conclusions.
Comment 2: If PRD introduces member (#) in the conclusion,
this restriction to conditions in Core should be reconsidered.

PROPOSED: Core should keep safe disjunction in rule bodies.
Implementations can be direct or use a well-known preprocessing step.
Comment: An example of a solution to issue-70 is Option 2,
which will be able to cope with disjunction. (See
and follow up).

Please see the Notes about how we came to agree here today etc.
(Adrian could join on the phone channel only one third into the call).

The Core taskforce would like to bring the two PROPOSEDs as
starting points into an upcoming main telecon.

Also, http://www.w3.org/2005/rules/wg/track/issues/70 could
be dealt with in that main telecon or on next Monday, when we
may have another Core telecon.

-- Harold

Received on Monday, 13 October 2008 17:49:33 UTC