Re: [PRD] Issues to resolve before publication (et proposed resolutions)

Adrian Paschke wrote:

>  I fear that we will give the wrong message to the community if we put an editors note on everything,

Why is that? That is a first public draft, and we are not done with the 
work; but we want to give an idea of what it will cover, and feedback 
can only help us.

Of course, I would have prefered if we had been able to agree on more; 
but if the choice is between removing everything or adding editor notes 
on everything, I go for the latter without a doubt.

> in particular, since we do not reference the existing well-known work in production rules research. Just as an example, we never mention the RETE algorithm (Forgy 1982), although it is the basis algorithm for pattern matching in production rule system and variants of these algorithm are implemented by most production rule systems. 

RETE is implementation: it is why it is not emntioned.


Received on Monday, 30 June 2008 12:50:31 UTC