[RIF BLD] metadata and XML syntax

Michael, Harold,

I have two concerns about the syntax for metadata in BLD (section 2.5) 
and a concern about the XML syntax.

Section 2.5 states that every term can be preceded by an annotation. 
This precludes annotation of formulas.  I guess this is a mistake.
Then, as already point out in the second paragraph of the section, the 
syntax is ambiguous.  Besides such ambiguity being undesirable in the 
presentation syntax, it prohibits defining the XML syntax in an 
unambiguous way, because it is meant (as I always understood it) to be 
defined in terms of the presentation syntax.

This brings me to the XML syntax, which actually does not seem to be 
defined (there is no definition of what an RIF documents in XML form is).
the only thing resembling a definition is the XML schema, which is, as 
we all agreed, is sufficient for defining the syntax of the language.
there is a mapping between the presentation and XML syntaxes in section 
4.3, but it's unclear what the status is of this mapping.  It seems to 
be useful for understanding the XML syntax, but it does not have a 
definition status.  In addition, it seems incomplete.  For example, 
nothing is mentioned about namespaces, it does not allow for documents 
that have both unary and binary import directives, and the mapping for 
the presentation syntax does not seem in line with the definition in 
section 2.5 (and "Classtag" is undefined).
I would suggest to add a definition of what an RIF document in XML form 
(or whatever you want to call it) actually is, in terms of a translation 
from the presentation syntax.

Best, Jos
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