ACTION 530: Review of final BLD document wrt resolutions and discussions from F2F10

This is a brief review of the latest version of BLD, published on 09 June 
2008, . This 
review is directed toward ensuring that all edits decided on during F2F10 
(May 26-28) have been incorporated. This therefore consists of a list of 
the resolutions on required edits for BLD that were passed at F2F10 (at ), along with a comment on 
the incorporation of the edits in the 09 June 2008 version of BLD, as well 
as some brief remarks about the other changes to the document. 

There were three resolutions that specifically mandated edits in the BLD 

1. RESOLVED: BLD will include Conjunction in the rule head (the "then" 
Comment: Section 2.4, definition of well-formed formula, bullet on rule 
implication, now clearly states that  the head can be a conjunction of 
well-formed atormic formulas.

2. RESOLVED: add xs:dayTimeDuration and xs:yearMonthDuration, but NOT 
duration, to those required in BLD (and of course DTB), as in
Comment: This change is demonstrated in Examples 2, 3, and 6. (Examples 2 
and 3 are examples for Section 2.6, EBNF Grammar fo the Presentation 
Syntax of RIF-BLD; Example 6 is in Section 4.2, XML for the RIF-BLD 
Language. Note also that Example 3 comes from the UCR document.)

3. RESOLVED: add builtin predicates to BLD and DTB: 
pred:numeric-less-or-equal, pred:numeric-greater-or-equal, 
pred:numeric-not-equal (they amount to shortcuts, to avoid disjunction). 
(Note: I've edited the original resolution which had "numberic" instead of 
Comment: Not present in BLD, but in DTB , section on Numeric Functions and 
Predicates. The  BLD document specifically states at the beginning that a 
separate document gives data types and built-ins and links to the DTB 

In addition, there were numerous resolutions that do not mention edits to 
a  specific document. Most of these, e.g., the resolution to modify the 
presentation syntax to include Const ::= STRING, and the resolution to add 
xsd: double as a required symbol space, appear to be resolutions to edit 
DTB, rather than BLD. In fact, the required changes seem to have been made 
to DTB. It might be useful to edit the resolutions to make clear their 

Other changes in this version of BLD include the addition of material on 
metadata: sections on metadata in the presentation syntax, and on metadata 
and semantics. This was discussed at F2F10. (There is a resolution on 
using XML syntax for metadata, though not on what aspects of metadata are 
to be incorporated into BLD.) There is also a section on conformance 
clauses, where conformance is defined in terms of producing 
semantics-preserving mappings. This too was discussed at F2F10.

Received on Tuesday, 24 June 2008 15:10:54 UTC