Re: AW: [PRD] ACTION-531 Update PRD examples complete

Adrian Paschke wrote:

> Gary,
> Excellent job! 
> Christian, Gary,
> I added a small extension to the presentation syntax in chapter 2.5.
> allowing variables in the assert and retract actions
>    ASSERT    ::= Atom | Frame | Var
>    Retract   ::= 'Retract' '(' Atom | Frame | Var ')'
> [...]
> We already use equal for single assignment to variables such as "?f1 =
> (valve ?v open)".

Do we? I do not think that we want reification in PRD, do we?

However, Adiran syntax might be a way to handle the creation/deletion of 

I would not include it in FPWD, though, before we discuss it more (e.g., 
in the assert, would it be a Var or a skolem fct like _new?)

> I would even propose to add a "*" to the EBNF, so that we can directly
> describe multiple retracts / asserts such as "(retract ?f1 ?f2)", instead of
> splitting them into two retracts, retract(?f1) retract(?f2).

Do you want to table that in issue 62?



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